Nepal: Healing & Reconciliation

Nonviolent Communication  (NVC)

This new documentary about the workshop "Healing and Reconciliation through Nonviolent Communication" in Nepal, shows how NVC training help both victims and former combatants to heal the Civil War traumas.

In december 2014 I offered a 7 day NVC training in Nepal with four NVC colleagues organized by Jeannine Suurmond and the organization Pro Public. The purpose of the workshop was to heal traumas from the Civil War and to create peace and reconciliation between victims and former combatants through Nonviolent Communication.

In january 2016 I am going back ti Nepal to offer Nepalese peacemakers NVC training so they are equipped to support the locals in their healing after the several earthquakes i 2015. Read about the workshop here.

In this documentary you can follow the healing and reconciliation process.

Raamro Aakha Ma (In the Eyes of the Good):
Supporting the peace process in Nepal with Nonviolent Communication Training and Restorative Dialogue

This documentary tells the story of former Maoist combatants, conflict victims, and government officials engaging in a restorative dialogue, following the aftermath of the 10-years armed conflict in Nepal. It shows what can happen when people are able to connect with one another across divides, beyond fear, stereotypes, and enemy images. The Nonviolent Communication training including the restorative dialogue, was organized by ZFD peacebuilding advisor Jeannine Suurmond, together with partner organization Pro Public. The goal was to offer those involved with the transitional justice process in Nepal an opportunity to experience a restorative dialogue first hand. The documentary was produced in order to support the various parties to the formal Truth and Reconciliation process in Nepal and to raise awareness about Nonviolent Communication and restorative dialogue as tools for healing, reconciliation, and justice.


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