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Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

"I don't enjoy..." or "I do enjoy..." which is another example of speaking NVC which I find permeating your speaking and which I so deeply appreciate.  It bathes me in comfort with great relaxing within me to be the recipient of such speaking.  
- Allan Rohlfs, Chicago 2018


Dearest friend,

Today is the final day of the final assessment for certification when I will answer the final questions put to me. 
I want to acknowledge with deep gratitude your presence,  your guidance and your encouragement as I made my journey. I'm fortunate to have seen NVC modelled and lived by you in a way that is truly inspiring. 
Thank you, dear Kirsten. 
Love Sudha, September 2017  
During IIT in 2012 you prepared and sustained a safe and spacious space, in which I could wake up to a new reality. The exercise you made with us on Inner Child, Love and Money, Shame and Guilt initiated deep healing process and brought understanding of my life condition. As a result in years that followed that, my marriage was saved, the deep bond with my son was rebuild and both are thriving till today. Of course other teachers and participants also had a big part in it. Karsten's Giraffe Surgery was a culmination point. I'm truly thankful for that!
Big hug, Dariusz Klupi, March 2017
Thank you for a truly awesome weekend.  Your such a wonderful sparkly magic being!  Thank you for all you are and for your vision xxxx
Sophie Docker, May 2016


I am writing following an extraordinary weekend exploring NVC and the Inner Child with the delightful Kirsten. I feel truly blessed to have encountered the gift of the particular work which Kirsten offers during which she draws on all her considerable experience, passionate wisdom and knowledge as a family therapist and NVC practitioner. It felt truly precious to participate in creating a safe space for the longing and heart aches of my inner child to be fully contacted and fully expressed. The experience of doing so and having my inner child compassionately received was profoundly affirming. She was welcomed by the community of those present in a tangible way which filled my whole being with a sense of delight, relief and gratitude. Having engaged with the process which Kirsten facilitates I feel that I can also finally welcome my inner child home into my own heart which feels immensely integrating and empowering. I rejoiced also in being free to allow compassion for others to flow effortlessly through me, naturally radiating outwards. This engendered a feeling for me of interconnectedness amongst my fellow humanity which was inspiring and humbling. It took courage for me to attend and to engage with the process that was offered and I would emphatically encourage anyone who is drawn to this material to take the risk and do it! You may be surprised, as I was, by what happens.

Katherine Sewell April 2014


Thank you for your contributions and your lovely way to open hearts and for your care of adults and children alike. Thank you for your inner-child healing and the great humor and laughs we had.

- Sophie Schaarschmidt 2011.


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